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álvaro girón


Not only does he still believe there are yet-to-be-heard sounds in the plane most of us inhabit, he sets out to find them encroaching the daily cacophony, or alternatively tries to create them in a small makeshift lab where time always seems to look back.

His work as a filmmaker includes the writing and direction of the narrative short "Breathe the Night" (20), the documentary "The Names of Solidarity" (13), and the shorts "Still Life with Echo" (08) and "Bleiben" (06).

As Salvaged Media, he does freelance conceptualization, videography and sound recording for audiovisual promotional videos in Canada and Colombia.

translator and interpreter

Widely experienced in Spanish-English interpreting and translation, in the arts and general subjects. Previously worked with the Toronto, Miami and Panamá International Film Festivals.

Feature Films:

Dopamina (19) d. Natalia Imery Almario; Fait Vivir (19) d. Óscar Ruiz Navia; I Tita, A Life of Tango (18) d. Teresa Costantini

Film Festivals:

2015-2016     Miami International Film Festival

                      Translator of official press releases and overall printed and online communication.

2014-2016     Latin Wave Film Showcase, Houston Museum of Fine Arts

                      Translator of the official film program book.

2012-2016     International Film Festival of Panama

                      Translator of the official film program book.

2011-2016     Toronto International Film Festival

                      Interpreter for print, TV, radio and online media for Spanish speaking filmmakers.


2018     Anito Reverbero and the Mystery of the Macabre Chickens 

              Short-story written by Rubens Riol

2014     AWID (Association for Women Rights in Development)

             English to Spanish proofreader and translator of the funding report Watering the Leaves.

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