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álvaro girón

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Not only does he still believe there are yet-to-be-heard sounds in the plane most of us inhabit, he sets out to find them encroaching the daily cacophony, or alternatively tries to create them in a small makeshift lab where time always seems to look back.

His work as a filmmaker includes the writing and direction of the narrative short "Breathe the Night" (20), the documentary "The Names of Solidarity" (13), and the shorts "Still Life with Echo" (08) and "Bleiben" (06).

As Salvaged Media, he does freelance conceptualization, videography and sound recording for audiovisual promotional videos in Canada and Colombia.

As dj noloves he brings Afro Latin flavours to the table with vintage tunes and contemporary, eclectic sounds. After moving to Toronto from Colombia, he's been a part of the city's shifting music scene and played in varied spaces, always keeping a fresh and inviting groove going. From the many faces of cumbia to some unclassified tunes, his selections will definitely get your ear's attention and your body moving.

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